1. B.P.Ed./D.P.Ed Semester-I Results February-2020 Examinations -Posted Dt-26-05-2020
  2. B.F.A. Semester-I Results November-2019 Examinations Dt-18-03-2020
  3. P.G. Semester-III/V Results October-2019 Examinations Updated-Dt-12-03-2020
  4. P.G. Semester-I Results November-2019 Examinations Updated-Dt-12-03-2020
  5. B.P.Ed./D.P.Ed Semester-III R.V. Results November-2019 -Dt-27-02-2020
  6. U.G. Results Oct/Nov-2019 Examinations (Year End Pattern) -Posted Dt-06-02-2020
  7. U.G. Results Oct/Nov-2019 Examinations (CBCS Pattern) Semester I,III & V -Posted Dt-06-02-2020
  8. M.Sc.,(5 Years) Sem-1,3,5,7,9 Results Oct-2019 Examinations -Dt-01-02-2020
  9. M.P.Ed. Results Oct/Nov-2019 Examinations Semesters-1,3 - Posted Dt-25-01-2020
  10. M.Ed. R.V. Semester-2,4 Results Aug-2019 -Posted Dt-02-01-2020
  11. B.Ed. R.V. Semester-2,4 Results Aug-2019 -Posted Dt-02-01-2020
  12. B.P.Ed./D.P.Ed Semester-III Results November-2019 Examinations -Posted Dt-27-12-2019
  13. L.L.B Results (3 & 5 Years) Sem-2,4,6,8,10 August-2019 Examinations -Posted Dt-03-12-2019
  14. M.Ed. Results August-2019 Examinations Semester-2,4 - Posted Dt-11-11-2019
  15. B.Ed. Results August-2019 Examinations Sem-2,4 and Year pattern -Posted Dt-28-10-2019
  16. M.Ed. Results March-2019 Examinations Semester-1,3 Revaluation -Posted Dt-21-10-2019
  17. B.Tech./B.Tech. Diploma Results May/June-2019 Examinations Semester-2,4 -Posted Dt-24-09-2019
  18. B.P.Ed./D.P.Ed Semester-II R.V. Results June-2019 -Dt-23-09-2019
  19. P.G. Semester-II and IV R.V. Results Mar-2019 -Updated Dt-19-09-2019
  20. P.G. Semester-II Results April-2019 Examinations Updated-Dt-07-09-2019
  21. M.Ed. Results March-2019 Examinations Semester-1,3 - Posted Dt-30-08-2019
  22. M.Sc.,(5 Years) Sem-2,4,6,8 Results Mar/Apr-2019 Examinations -Dt-12-08-2019
  23. U.G. Results March-2019 Examinations (Revaluation) Year End Pattern -Posted Dt-09-08-2019
  24. U.G. Results March-2019 Examinations (Revaluation) Sem-2,4,6 -Posted Dt-09-08-2019
  25. B.P.Ed./D.P.Ed Semester-II Results June-2019 Examinations -Posted Dt-08-08-2019
  26. L.L.B Results (3 & 5 Years) Sem-1,3,5,7,9 Februray-2019 (Revaluation)-Posted Dt-08-08-2019
  27. P.G. Semester-IV Results March-2019 Examinations Updated-Dt-26-07-2019
  28. M.Ed. R.V. Results Feb-2019 -Posted Dt-23-07-2019
  29. B.Ed. R.V. Results Feb-2019 -Posted Dt-13-07-2019
  30. U.G. Results June-2019 Instant Examinations -Posted Dt-09-07-2019
  31. M.Ed. Results February-2019 Examinations Semester-2,4 - Posted Dt-17-06-2019
  32. U.G. Results Mar/Apr-2019 Examinations (Year End Pattern) -Posted Dt-03-06-2019
  33. U.G. Results Mar/Apr-2019 Examinations (CBCS Pattern) Semester II,IV & VI -Posted Dt-03-06-2019
  34. B.F.A. Years-1,2,3,4 Results March-2019 Examinations -Updated Dt-25-06-2019
  35. B.P.Ed./D.P.Ed Semester-IV Results April-2019 Examinations -Posted Dt-29-05-2019
  36. L.L.B Results (3 & 5 Years) Sem-1,3,5,7,9 Februray-2019 Examinations -Posted Dt-28-05-2019
  37. P.G. Semester-I Results November-2018 Examinations -Updated Dt-24-05-2019
  38. M.P.Ed. Results March-2019 Examinations Semester-4 - Posted Dt-21-05-2019
  39. U.G. Results Oct/Nov-2018 Examinations (Revaluation) Semester Pattern -Posted Dt-09-05-2019
  40. B.Tech. Diploma Results November-2018 Examinations Semester-3 -Posted Dt-09-05-2019
  41. B.Ed. Results February-2019 Examinations Semester-1,3 -Posted Dt-07-05-2019
  42. B.Tech. Results November/December-2018 Examinations Semester-1,3 -Posted Dt-07-05-2019
  43. P.G. Semester-III Results October-2018 Examinations -Updated Dt-16-04-2019
  44. B.P.Ed./D.P.Ed Semester-I Results January-2019 Examinations -Posted Dt-15-03-2019
  45. L.L.B Revaluation Results September-2018 Examinations -Posted Dt-22-02-2019
  46. B.P.Ed./D.P.Ed Semester-III Results December-2018 Examinations -Posted Dt-04-02-2019
  47. U.G. Results Oct/Nov-2018 Examinations (CBCS Pattern) Semester I,III & V -Posted Dt-09-01-2019
  48. U.G. Results Oct/Nov-2018 Examinations (Year End Pattern) -Posted Dt-09-01-2019
  49. B.Ed. Results September-2018 Examinations Sem-2,4 and Year pattern -Posted Dt-20-12-2018
  50. L.L.B Results September-2018 Examinations -Posted Dt-24-11-2018
  51. B.Tech. Results May-2018 Examinations -Posted Dt-25-10-2018
  52. L.L.B Revaluation Results March-2018 Examinations -Posted Dt-11-10-2018
  53. B.Ed. Results March-2018 Examinations -Posted Dt-06-09-2018
  54. U.G. Results April-2018 Examinations (Revaluation) Semester Pattern -Posted Dt-04-09-2018
  55. B.P.Ed./D.P.Ed Results April-2018 Examinations (Revaluation) -Posted Dt-08-08-2018
  56. U.G. Results April-2018 Examinations (Revaluation) Year End Pattern -Posted Dt-06-08-2018
  57. U.G. Results July-2018 Instant Examinations -Posted Dt-23-07-2018
  58. L.L.B Results March-2018 Examinations Semester I,III,V,VII and IX -Posted Dt-27-06-2018
  59. B.P.Ed./D.P.Ed Results April-2018 Examinations -Posted Dt-23-06-2018
  60. L.L.B Revaluation Results December-2017 Examinations -Posted Dt-22-06-2018
  61. U.G. Results April-2018 Examinations (CBCS Pattern) Semester II,IV & VI -Posted Dt-11-06-2018
  62. U.G. Results April-2018 Examinations (Year End Pattern) -Posted Dt-11-06-2018